Who Is Rosalina?


Rosalina has been an actively practicing Witch, Pagan and Spiritualist for 10 years. She has maintained a great interest in all things magick, supernatural, paranormal and occult from a young age and began her serious studies at the age of 18. Currently she is well known to combine spiritual solutions with mundane acts, which career-wise she is always actively looking at how science and metaphysics combine and support one another.

She follows a very eclectic path and is constantly studying other paths and religions to get a better understanding behind everyone’s belief systems. She’s a huge supporter of Coexist, religious equality, LGBTQ equality, human rights, local small businesses/artists and a few other things. An active and one of the founding members of The Collective of Solitaries and one of the founding members for a green living project for Project Journey.

Professional-wise, she is a Licensed Massage Therapist who currently works with Chronic Pain Management, A Reiki level 1 practitioner, is currently training to be a certified Aromatherapist, and undergoing studies in Herbalism, Crystal Healing, Astrology, and energy healing.

You can find and follow her in these following locations;



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