On the Path of the High Priestess

The first time I have ever had any form of encounters with the word “Priestess” was when I used to play a Night Elf Shadow Priest with healing abilities in World of Warcraft. I know, a bit cliche but for some reason that was the first type of character I wanted to play. Little did I know at the time that word is what I would run into over and over again as I make my way on my own path of magick.

As many of you know, the priestess is the second trump of the major arcana. The next stage of the fool’s journey, she is revered as the silent guardian of the moon within the balance of darkness and light. She harbors many secrets and knowledge, but only for those who want it and will actively seek it. Even still, if she provides you the knowledge she will have you answer to yourself what you must do with it. When she’s not in the right state of mind, she cuts herself off from her higher self in favor of worldly possessions and will often mistake intuition with her ego.

I will be honest, within the last three years now, I have made run ins with the word priestess many times. Particularly whenever I seem to attend Convocation, I remember standing outside the door for a ritual I was attending and everyone kept asking me what is it about and when will it start. The door priestess finally came out which I pointed to her and said, “She’s the best person to ask.” I was laughing to myself because I kept being mistaken as the door guardian. Of course she turned to me and said, “Anyone has the ability to become a priestess.” Ironically, by the end of the weekend we were given charms that represented different tarot cards and of course I somehow ended up with the high priestess. Even this past Convocation I attended a ritual during the invocation of the goddess Hel, which one of the things she said to me, “The gods are waiting for you to accept their calling to represent and be their voice.”

It’s ironic though, after looking into the meaning behind the priestess how much she has represented most of my life. It is not uncommon for people to come and seek me out for advice, especially when it comes the spirituality. I have been called to teach several times in my lifetime and of course my teaching style is discussing with the student until I see a light bulb click in their head. I remember helping a girl feel energy for the first time by explaining circuiting to her in the way energy circuits a lightbulb. I was so proud, happy, and excited for her when she finally got it, it was just a simple fact that energy had to be explained to her differently. More so, I tend to stay in the gray area a good majority of the time.

The title priestess to me is both enticing yet fearful, when someone takes on that title they take on many roles which include teaching, counciling, support, leading, and other important roles. I respect those who take on that title, although I have seen it go to many people’s heads over the course of my lifetime. It is a title I do not feel worthy to take on because I have no formal training in any tradition because I feel no need to adhere to any tradition nor does one call out to me. I do represent myself as an eclectic spiritualist, which sadly seems to be frowned upon by most traditions. There is a reason why I go by the title, “The Backwoods Witch” because people often seek me out when they have ran out of options or find themselves at a dead end.

In due time, I may buck up and claim that title. Until then, I’ll be enjoying my backwoods ready to help when needed. I will continue my studies and journeying until then.


Chaos is Amuck!


Quote courtesy of Yogi Tea

So I missed last week’s magick monday post.

Don’t worry, I have one this week. Last week I was having a mommy-daughter day that consisted of seeing Disney’s Inside Out, Breakfast at a Coney Island (Very common here in Michigan), running around at the park and getting icecream. Actually tomorrow will be another day of getting breakfast at a pancake house, shopping and adventure having at another downtown area. Getting the time I can with my little one before she starts Kindergarten and I personally go with a slow transition of growing my business full time. Juggling other things such as book writing, finishing up some online certification courses, maintaining the job I have right now until I have full time self employment, getting a few class ideas in order, rebuild a side business of handmade jewelry from the ground on up, take time to make sure my health is still in check, along with preparing some remedies for fighting off cold and flu this up coming season. Yup, I can totally handle all of that!

Totally jumping for joy with glee.

Totally jumping for joy with glee.

On the bright side, I did finish up a bartender certification course! Although it was also a $10 groupon course I took for the hell of it and I have no actual reason for learning how to bartend other than for pure home entertainment. Actually, I took it just to prove to myself that I can actually finish something for once in my life without getting distracted with “New Shiny” syndrome. Which I did, so that served a purpose and also having this new found knowledge on alcohol is going to help me in the long run to help me decide which one will be the best for preparing herbal remedies with (Plus now I know what will be in my drink the next time I go out).

Hope everyone also had a wonderful 4th of July! (US) Remember to be safe with your fireworks and lanterns this month, I actually found a burnt out lantern that fell in my garden last night. Very thankful it wasn’t lite when it hit my house or else I would have a house right now.

Spread your wings and fly!