A Cycle Has Been Complete


You would think I would be a lot better at keeping track of my own page and blog.

No matter, since the last time I made a post I have gone through a whole new series of events which I know is essential for growth. Particularly coming to terms with certain sides of myself, of career choices I want to make, and of goals I want to achieve. A few things I am realizing is I want to continue my path as a Massage Therapist, but I want to pursue other things as well. Lucky for me they compliment massage, so it’s the matter of time before I start looking for training. More so now since my daughter will be seven this year and it’s making it a bit easier now she is starting to gain more independence.

I am just going to keep it short and sweet. The cycle is now complete. I’m going to be regularly blogging again.


On The Path of Transformation; Walking with Your Healer’s Shadow

I know this year hasn’t really been the “best yet”, especially in my case. Especially considering in the past few years I have realized I have become these following things;

  • A workaholic 
  • Realizing my real feelings towards humanity
  • A recluse
  • Denying a lot of my spiritual instincts
  • A control freak
  • A hoarder
  • Tired

When you sit back and think, you really kick yourself because of the fact that you know better than that. Of course, being human you realize that there is nothing wrong with reconizing that you have become what you are. It’s step one of realizing parts of yourself you want to heal. Which is why as a healer it’s important to realize your shadow.

I am going to admit to myself that this year alone, my shadow side has been scaring me…a lot. When you are realizing parts of yourself that you hide because you’re so used to being viewed in a certain way that you come to the point where you cage those parts of yourself. Of course, all cages have a weak point which in time your inner beast will find a way to escape. Usually they’ll escape at the worst possible moments, moments when you can end up hurting the people you love without realizing it. Worst of all, you end up hurting yourself the most.

Of course when you take the time to recognize those parts of yourself, you alone have the power to let them continue to consume you or face them head on to embrace them. Like the list I wrote above, I can change it to these following affirmations;

  • I am a hard worker with a very strong work ethic, which I will continue to do so I can provide a better future for myself and the people I love.
  • I recognize that I’m not too thrilled with most of the human race, but I will continue to love unconditionally.
  • I value my alone time and know when it’s time to withdraw and recharge.
  • I have become a lot more open to logic, which in turn helps me think rationally but I should remember to still trust my intuition.
  • The only person I control is myself and my thoughts and actions. Learn to know when it’s time to let go and move forward.
  • I channel my ability to prepare and save by putting it towards saving money for my future.
  • I need to take better care of my body and take the time to rest and listen.

It takes awhile to come and realize these changes, which is not something everyone is willing to do. Especially those who have hidden parts of themselves for so long that they feel they cannot be themselves except around certain people. My dear, when the time comes I hope you take the leap to embrace your shadow so in turn you can learn and heal from it.

Are you ready to take a walk with your dark side?

On the Path of the High Priestess

The first time I have ever had any form of encounters with the word “Priestess” was when I used to play a Night Elf Shadow Priest with healing abilities in World of Warcraft. I know, a bit cliche but for some reason that was the first type of character I wanted to play. Little did I know at the time that word is what I would run into over and over again as I make my way on my own path of magick.

As many of you know, the priestess is the second trump of the major arcana. The next stage of the fool’s journey, she is revered as the silent guardian of the moon within the balance of darkness and light. She harbors many secrets and knowledge, but only for those who want it and will actively seek it. Even still, if she provides you the knowledge she will have you answer to yourself what you must do with it. When she’s not in the right state of mind, she cuts herself off from her higher self in favor of worldly possessions and will often mistake intuition with her ego.

I will be honest, within the last three years now, I have made run ins with the word priestess many times. Particularly whenever I seem to attend Convocation, I remember standing outside the door for a ritual I was attending and everyone kept asking me what is it about and when will it start. The door priestess finally came out which I pointed to her and said, “She’s the best person to ask.” I was laughing to myself because I kept being mistaken as the door guardian. Of course she turned to me and said, “Anyone has the ability to become a priestess.” Ironically, by the end of the weekend we were given charms that represented different tarot cards and of course I somehow ended up with the high priestess. Even this past Convocation I attended a ritual during the invocation of the goddess Hel, which one of the things she said to me, “The gods are waiting for you to accept their calling to represent and be their voice.”

It’s ironic though, after looking into the meaning behind the priestess how much she has represented most of my life. It is not uncommon for people to come and seek me out for advice, especially when it comes the spirituality. I have been called to teach several times in my lifetime and of course my teaching style is discussing with the student until I see a light bulb click in their head. I remember helping a girl feel energy for the first time by explaining circuiting to her in the way energy circuits a lightbulb. I was so proud, happy, and excited for her when she finally got it, it was just a simple fact that energy had to be explained to her differently. More so, I tend to stay in the gray area a good majority of the time.

The title priestess to me is both enticing yet fearful, when someone takes on that title they take on many roles which include teaching, counciling, support, leading, and other important roles. I respect those who take on that title, although I have seen it go to many people’s heads over the course of my lifetime. It is a title I do not feel worthy to take on because I have no formal training in any tradition because I feel no need to adhere to any tradition nor does one call out to me. I do represent myself as an eclectic spiritualist, which sadly seems to be frowned upon by most traditions. There is a reason why I go by the title, “The Backwoods Witch” because people often seek me out when they have ran out of options or find themselves at a dead end.

In due time, I may buck up and claim that title. Until then, I’ll be enjoying my backwoods ready to help when needed. I will continue my studies and journeying until then.

Blessings Come in the Weirdest Ways

I am the type who enjoy the simple things. The silly times I get to spend with people just hanging out and laughing. Watching my daughter hunt for spiders to stick in her jewelry box just for the hell of it. Walks in open parks, especially by lakes and streams. The smell of lilacs blooming in my backyard which I plan on harvesting this year to make lilac water. The very simple things, those that many take for granted.

I have also had weird and unexpected blessings too. One year around Christmas time I was pulled over by a cop right before my work shift only to be randomly given a hundred dollar bill due to our city being given a generous donation so they were randomly pulling people to give it away. Of course I ended up with a flat tire the next week but I at least had the money for a new tire. I had my ball joint on my car break on me while driving once but it was at least two minutes away from my job at the time, I was not hurt, and it was a beautiful day. Plus it got fixed. Another one was I was making plans to go clothes shopping after my next payday and this woman I talked to from time to time randomly came to me and said she was told by her higher power (I’m not joking about this) that I needed clothes which she bought me camisoles and shirts which were my style and size I wore.

Now the weirdest one, which I mean weird. Twice now I come home to find my lawn mowed. I don’t know who it is, it’s not my usual suspects because I know their mowing patterns. It is some simple mystery lawn mowing fairy who apparently knows when I plan to mow my lawn then suddenly I see it done. Now, I have never had this happened before and I usually take care of it on my own or pay my younger brother to at least attempt trying to mow it. Of course I’m thankful for this lovely surprise and if it keeps happening I would love to run into them at some point to give them a big hug and cook dinner for them or something. Especially since mowing the lawn is one of my biggest maintenance chores I have to keep up with during the non-snow months.

This stuff always reminds me why to always count my blessings, especially when blessings come in the weirdest but most simple ways. What weird blessings have you had?

Magick Monday: Awaken your Scents

Welcome back to another post of Magick Monday, where adding a little bit of magick to your everyday life is as easy as 1,2,3!

Scent plays a huge role in just about every magick tradition out there. From the use of oils to make perfumes to burning plants for incense. I have yet to run into a tradition that doesn’t have a signature scent that is well known for and often used in spell work, especially if that plant is the only thing they have access to in their region. Today we are fortunate to have access to all kinds of plants and the fact that certain plants who’s place of origin used to reside in other countries were brought over and adapted to our introduced environment (United States speaking).

The essence of scents often resides in the essential oil of the plant, hence why there are many oil-based adaptions to using plants in certain things such as floor washes. Essential oils are the essence of plants that are extracted in their purest forms (which is why I have no issues substituting herbs with oils) although being that pure essence they tend to be much stronger than their physical herbal host. Also note that some plants contain less oil than others which is why some oils are much more expensive than others and also why some plants have no essential oil form at all. Being said, I personally believe that when you read a spell and it calls for herbal ingredients which if you don’t have on hand you can substitute with the oil version and vise-versa.

Scents also play the role in getting into the “magickal state of mind”, especially speaking when burning incense, anointing with an oil, cooking with certain ingredients and using general scents for the home. This is my favorite part where magick meets science, plants often have different properties and purposes whether they’re a sedative, stimulant or in-between. It’s often noted that most, if not all, plants involved with getting people into the “alpha” or meditative state of mind are more on the sedative side of the spectrum of scents. The purpose is to not only to getting the person into the state but also relax and destress the person to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous involved with getting the person set and ready for ritual. For some it’s often a much more complicated process (or as complicated as you make it) but I know plenty of practitioners who often set the mood by smell alone.

I also realize this is why some people will have different oils and scents from another person, seeing how I know that not everyone likes a certain scent (especially if that scent has a bad memory attached to it). When doing public rituals please be aware that not everyone will be in love with your ritual scent or what you use to purify yourselves with before entering a circle, believe it or not not everyone is actually a fan of sage. Plus take care for people who are very scent sensitive as well. (The same goes to the person who has those issues, you know what you like and what you can handle, ask the ritual presenter if it’s ok that you can purify yourself a different way. Nine times out of ten they will not give you an issue. Also if the incense used during the ritual becomes too overwhelming most presenters do not have an issue with you cutting out of the ritual or backing out before the ritual starts. You are responsible for your needs.)

So magick is as complicated or as simple as you make it. I will say that scents is my favorite way to go. 😉

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Chaos is Amuck!


Quote courtesy of Yogi Tea

So I missed last week’s magick monday post.

Don’t worry, I have one this week. Last week I was having a mommy-daughter day that consisted of seeing Disney’s Inside Out, Breakfast at a Coney Island (Very common here in Michigan), running around at the park and getting icecream. Actually tomorrow will be another day of getting breakfast at a pancake house, shopping and adventure having at another downtown area. Getting the time I can with my little one before she starts Kindergarten and I personally go with a slow transition of growing my business full time. Juggling other things such as book writing, finishing up some online certification courses, maintaining the job I have right now until I have full time self employment, getting a few class ideas in order, rebuild a side business of handmade jewelry from the ground on up, take time to make sure my health is still in check, along with preparing some remedies for fighting off cold and flu this up coming season. Yup, I can totally handle all of that!

Totally jumping for joy with glee.

Totally jumping for joy with glee.

On the bright side, I did finish up a bartender certification course! Although it was also a $10 groupon course I took for the hell of it and I have no actual reason for learning how to bartend other than for pure home entertainment. Actually, I took it just to prove to myself that I can actually finish something for once in my life without getting distracted with “New Shiny” syndrome. Which I did, so that served a purpose and also having this new found knowledge on alcohol is going to help me in the long run to help me decide which one will be the best for preparing herbal remedies with (Plus now I know what will be in my drink the next time I go out).

Hope everyone also had a wonderful 4th of July! (US) Remember to be safe with your fireworks and lanterns this month, I actually found a burnt out lantern that fell in my garden last night. Very thankful it wasn’t lite when it hit my house or else I would have a house right now.

Spread your wings and fly!

Magick Monday: Room Sprays

Welcome to Magick Monday! A Place to get tips and tricks to find ways to add a little bit of magick to your life.

Ever gone to a place where you just feel the vibes that are so…bleh, you just can’t stand it? It’s worse if it’s your place of employment. Now I always hear the constant argument of, “If you hate where you work, get a new job” Which while it is sound advice, the best way to get a new job is to have a job. Or you might be doing the type of work you love and you love your work place but there are days where you wish you can get out the smudge sticks and go to town. While as far as I know, most places of employment doesn’t allow the burning of incense, Sage, Palo Santo, ect. (Unless you own your own place in which case then have at it.) Not to mention some people have issues with smoke, allergies to certain plants and all that jazz.

Now, there are many ways to cleanse an area without the use of smoke, fumigating, and smudging. My particular favorite is through the use of room sprays. What I love about room sprays is they’re very easy to make, they smell wonderful, and you can take them anywhere with you without the fire hazard. Not to mention using essential oils has their own benefits due to the aromatherapy effects.


You can mix an match different blends, figure out what you like. I use this blend for myself, especially when I’m at work so I spray this between clients. Incase you can’t read the oil names in the photo, here’s what I use.

~Clary Sage

Plus a pinch of salt, which I used Pink Himalayan

The one thing I love about this blend is it’s not only purifying but for a massage room environment it has all relaxing scents which all my clients just love. Now this is not just the only combo, it’s great to experiment around but yet again still be careful with oils because just like plants and herbs, some people can have allergic reactions (especially since oils are the plant essence themselves.)

Looking for more easy magickal tips? Check back every Monday for new Magick tips and tricks that can be easily incorporated into everyday life.

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