Magick Monday; To Sway an Interview

First Magick Monday in I have had in no idea how long. Although, this was inspired due to a recent wine night with a good friend who had the usual pre jitters before an interview.

Don’t mind the messy room, but usually how I dress for an interview minus the jeans. Plus very old photo since this was taken during my office working days.

One of the major things I was thankful for when I was in college was we were required to take a resume and job interview course. I learned a lot of interview tips which landed me every non-massage related job I had over the years. Of course, that doesn’t mean I didn’t have a little bit of magick help when I did.

There are a ton of “land a job” spells out there, so I am not going into that part. I will repeat this advice, spells will not work if they are not given any direction. This means if you want the job, please send in the application or resume so your intention has a place to go.

A good place to start is to take some common sense approaches to the interview; mostly the usual dress for the part, direct eye contact, firm handshake, and asking the right questions. Now, for the magick you want to add.

  • When dressing for the interview, keep in mind of your color scheme. My favorite combo I like to use is black, purple, and red, but I mainly use that for more office positions. Use your instincts and research the position.
  • When giving direct eye contact, focus your intention on the interviewer.
  • When in giving a handshake, use the hand you have an easier time pushing energy with.
  • Got the jitters? Ground and center, plus focus on opening your throat and solar plexus centers. Stones in your pockets are an easy way to focus.
  • Essential oils are another way to calm the nerves and keep focused; my favorite combo to use is lavender, rosemary , and tangerine.
  • Also, drawing a sigil for mercury in the air for clear communication.

Most of these are very small, but effective ways to keep a clear mind and your intention focused on your cause. The main goal to keep in mind is to also let them know how you’ll play your part to help with the company as a whole. Please keep in mind this is to get your foot in the door, beyond that whether you plan to move forward to different positions is up to you.

Got magickal interview tips? Comment below!


Reawakening The Fire Within

So today was definitely a good one, I was very fortunate to win Pagan Fest tickets at Convocation this year. Ironically I was meant to come because I think I only put about three tickets in the raffle basket. Seeing how it was a easy trip to make it as well. The whole day was easy going, beautiful and just the right temperature. My daughter made instant friends.

Plus discovered the joys of boffers.

I was there for about three classes, one was taught by a very lovely lady whom I run into at Con every year whom the class was dedicated to a deity that spoke the most to her, the goddess Bridged. Plus learned a few new things on flame tending and how deities can survive over the years despite religious take overs. The next one was on movement meditation and alternative ways to meditate especially for those who are unable to keep still. Her daughter joined for a time too and when you look at it from a 12 year old’s point of view you can definitely see how meditating in a still state is not for everyone. The last one was get with your root, working with thorns in both a protective stance and a baneful way. Reminding us that magick is not always sunshine and rainbows.

I was also fortunate to get some work done by the massage therapist on site. In a way, he reminded me why I got into massage in the first place especially when he executed a perfect combination of energy work and manual therapy. For a small time period I was getting burnt out, but the more I keep going back to basics the more I realize why I do what I do today. Plus getting back to practing readings and energy work again.

Including picking up this lovely book today.

It’s funny how one simple outing can remind you why you follow the spiritual path you’re on. Plus giving my daughter a chance to see what her mom is into so that we may both go forward and grow even more together. Reigniting the flames can come in mysterious ways.

Magick With Essential Oils

I know I wrote a brief post on essential oils and magick;

Which is this post right here

But seeing how this is a subject I’m extremely passionate about, I want to write more about it.

I was actually introduced to aromatherapy and essential oils over four years ago when I was in massage school, one of my classes went into detail about essential oils and the fact that we learned how to make salt, sugar, and coffee ground scrubs which made me fall in love with the subject even more. To this day, I use essential oils for everything from cleaning, de-stressing, treating colds, treating sore muscles, and for general wellness.

A year or two later, I started to add essential oils to my magick practice, from simple ways such as anointing the oil with candles to wearing perfume blends which I wear for attracting money and protection. Oil’s are actually one of the main ways I practice magick now next to working with candles. It’s simpler to cast my intention to the universe while anointing with the oil on certain areas of my body, including drawing symbols. Not to mention a good majority of the time they smell wonderful (except for Valerian… yes there is an essential oil version for the infamous “poop root” because I actually have it).

Don't ask, I'm trying to figure out a blend so I can still use the chemical compound without the smell.

Don’t ask, I’m trying to figure out a blend so I can still use the chemical compound without the smell.

As we know, oils are found in many traditions and practices, not to mention newer traditions are adapting to add essential oils. Even more adding floral waters such as rose water for my ancestor altar ( to honor my great grandmother and her love for roses) to Lilac water for spring renewal and honoring the incoming of Midsummer. It’s rare for me to even use fragrant oils anymore, although I do use a small amount for certain things around the house. Of course after smelling pure lavender essential oil for so long, I can’t stand the synthetic version now (this goes for the majority of the scents in the market now.)

It’s hard to put into words to how I really use essential oils in magick, I guess I’ll see where this takes me in the matter of time.
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Magick Monday: Make and Break Your Luck

A photo of one of the many four leaved clovers I've have found over the years.

A photo of one of the many four leaved clovers I’ve have found over the years.

Welcome back to another post of Magick Mondays! Where each week we go over easy ways to add a little bit of a magick touch to every situation.

Luck is an interesting concept, some people believe in it while others don’t. Luck is a lot like magick in many ways since it can go either way, especially since a good amount of time it’s based on how the person views their own luck. Often when something seems to be unlucky it ends up being a blessing in disguise which is often revealed after the fact. A good example of this happened to me five years ago where I ended up pregnant at 20, especially being unmarried and at a dead end job at the time all I could think of was, “Oh shit”. Ironically I was thinking about going to school for massage therapy at the time before the pregnancy which it did light the fire under my ass to get that started. Most of all I got out of an abusive and very toxic relationship which he did everything he could to demotivate me from pursuing my career for reasons I do not know to this day. To be honest, I don’t care now since I have a rapidly growing career, a very intelligent and healthy child, and my situation is going to get better and better.

So the first step to changing your luck is changing your mindset about the situation, I know that sounds like an extremely cheesy piece of advice and I’m well aware that it doesn’t apply to every situation. What I want to say is it’s a great way to retake control of your situation (although be advised this that it’s best for your situation and how you react, not others out of your control). I’m serious though, if you want to change your luck mindset is the key. That’s like with any magickal spell and situation.

Now I know what you’re thinking, “Where’s the magick in this post?” Well I’ll tell you the first part is about intention and focus which is the key to any spell work.

Now as you know…there are thousands of lore on good luck charms, every culture and tradition has their own form of a good luck and success charm. From the fable rabbit’s foot to the four leaf clover, a lot has to do what will get the user into the mindset of success and know good luck will always come their way. I’m fortunate and blessed that I find four leaf clovers a lot of the time (I’ve found close to 600 in the past four years) so each time I find a few I often give one or two to others around me while I keep a few for myself in my wallet. My philosophy is often “luck is best spread rather than hoarded”.

Of course, anything can be turned into a good luck charm, one of my favorite ways for turning even a piece of jewelry into a good luck charm is to take cinnamon, clove and allspice, crush all three in a powder and set your piece over night to charge. It’s a good way to take a favorite piece of jewelry and turn it into a quick charm but also it smells extremely wonderful.

Have a favorite way for changing your luck? Feel free to share, I would love to hear about it!

Until next time, look out for next week’s Magick Monday!

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Magick Monday: Awaken your Scents

Welcome back to another post of Magick Monday, where adding a little bit of magick to your everyday life is as easy as 1,2,3!

Scent plays a huge role in just about every magick tradition out there. From the use of oils to make perfumes to burning plants for incense. I have yet to run into a tradition that doesn’t have a signature scent that is well known for and often used in spell work, especially if that plant is the only thing they have access to in their region. Today we are fortunate to have access to all kinds of plants and the fact that certain plants who’s place of origin used to reside in other countries were brought over and adapted to our introduced environment (United States speaking).

The essence of scents often resides in the essential oil of the plant, hence why there are many oil-based adaptions to using plants in certain things such as floor washes. Essential oils are the essence of plants that are extracted in their purest forms (which is why I have no issues substituting herbs with oils) although being that pure essence they tend to be much stronger than their physical herbal host. Also note that some plants contain less oil than others which is why some oils are much more expensive than others and also why some plants have no essential oil form at all. Being said, I personally believe that when you read a spell and it calls for herbal ingredients which if you don’t have on hand you can substitute with the oil version and vise-versa.

Scents also play the role in getting into the “magickal state of mind”, especially speaking when burning incense, anointing with an oil, cooking with certain ingredients and using general scents for the home. This is my favorite part where magick meets science, plants often have different properties and purposes whether they’re a sedative, stimulant or in-between. It’s often noted that most, if not all, plants involved with getting people into the “alpha” or meditative state of mind are more on the sedative side of the spectrum of scents. The purpose is to not only to getting the person into the state but also relax and destress the person to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous involved with getting the person set and ready for ritual. For some it’s often a much more complicated process (or as complicated as you make it) but I know plenty of practitioners who often set the mood by smell alone.

I also realize this is why some people will have different oils and scents from another person, seeing how I know that not everyone likes a certain scent (especially if that scent has a bad memory attached to it). When doing public rituals please be aware that not everyone will be in love with your ritual scent or what you use to purify yourselves with before entering a circle, believe it or not not everyone is actually a fan of sage. Plus take care for people who are very scent sensitive as well. (The same goes to the person who has those issues, you know what you like and what you can handle, ask the ritual presenter if it’s ok that you can purify yourself a different way. Nine times out of ten they will not give you an issue. Also if the incense used during the ritual becomes too overwhelming most presenters do not have an issue with you cutting out of the ritual or backing out before the ritual starts. You are responsible for your needs.)

So magick is as complicated or as simple as you make it. I will say that scents is my favorite way to go. 😉

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Magick Monday: A Little Salt For Your Taste

Welcome to another post of Magick Monday! Where adding a little bit of magick into your everyday life is easy as pie!

I’m going to bring up a popular topic, which is something every witch has in her cabinet already which is salt. Salt has a long history for being used for purification (as you notice in my last Magick Monday post I put a pinch of salt in my room spray purification blend) not just for spiritual reasons but for things such as preserving meat and such. It is often said that salt tends to be so pure that it is known to repel the dead, hence why most people who practice ancestral work advises against purifying and cleansing an ancestor alter with salt water. It is also said when you knock down a salt shaker you take a pinch and throw it over your left shoulder to prevent bad luck. Salt can also be used as a way to cleanse soft crystals that would otherwise dissolve in water. As you can see, the list goes on and on.

The one thing I love most about salt is it’s easy to get and comes in many forms.  Feel the need to purify from the inside out? Then I suggest that any form of cooking you do take the time to take that one pinch of salt and concentrate purifying with that pinch as you add it to bread, pasta, or other forms of cooking. I’m a big fan of using Himalayan pink salt for this since it’s not only part of the purifying scale but also has trace essential minerals so it’s nutritionally good for you as well.

If you’re a big bath person like I am;


Something along the lines like this for example.

I’m happy to tell you it’s easy to add salt here as well, epsom salt is great for this part and sometimes I personally will add a little bit of pink Himalayan and black lava salt for added benefits. You can enhance it with essential oils such as frankincense and sandalwood (or take a cheese cloth or sock and stick the two together along with a few other herbs and run it under the bath facet. Not only great for purifying ritual baths, but it softens your skin and is great for sore muscles. Not a big fan of baths? No worries, try out a body salt scrub. Take very fine sea salt, mix it with a carrier and essential oils and in clock-wise circular motions get as much of your body as you can while imagining all of the guck you want to release and get out. Afterwords just shower off, although be careful it will cause your shower floor to be slippery. Please note this also removes dead skin and should not be done more than once a week.

Also, please take caution if you are on a low sodium diet for health reasons and also note that too much salt can cause you to retain water and cause bloating when consuming. As they say, moderation is key so like anything else just don’t over do it.

Have tips? Comment below!

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Tales of The Macabre: Ouija Experience

Welcome back! Another very well taped video of my friend’s Tales of the Macabre, and seeing this board in real life too I can vouch for his experience. Hope you enjoy!

For other videos, check out his youtube channel. Also give him a follow on facebook and twitter.