Magick Monday; To Sway an Interview

First Magick Monday in I have had in no idea how long. Although, this was inspired due to a recent wine night with a good friend who had the usual pre jitters before an interview.

Don’t mind the messy room, but usually how I dress for an interview minus the jeans. Plus very old photo since this was taken during my office working days.

One of the major things I was thankful for when I was in college was we were required to take a resume and job interview course. I learned a lot of interview tips which landed me every non-massage related job I had over the years. Of course, that doesn’t mean I didn’t have a little bit of magick help when I did.

There are a ton of “land a job” spells out there, so I am not going into that part. I will repeat this advice, spells will not work if they are not given any direction. This means if you want the job, please send in the application or resume so your intention has a place to go.

A good place to start is to take some common sense approaches to the interview; mostly the usual dress for the part, direct eye contact, firm handshake, and asking the right questions. Now, for the magick you want to add.

  • When dressing for the interview, keep in mind of your color scheme. My favorite combo I like to use is black, purple, and red, but I mainly use that for more office positions. Use your instincts and research the position.
  • When giving direct eye contact, focus your intention on the interviewer.
  • When in giving a handshake, use the hand you have an easier time pushing energy with.
  • Got the jitters? Ground and center, plus focus on opening your throat and solar plexus centers. Stones in your pockets are an easy way to focus.
  • Essential oils are another way to calm the nerves and keep focused; my favorite combo to use is lavender, rosemary , and tangerine.
  • Also, drawing a sigil for mercury in the air for clear communication.

Most of these are very small, but effective ways to keep a clear mind and your intention focused on your cause. The main goal to keep in mind is to also let them know how you’ll play your part to help with the company as a whole. Please keep in mind this is to get your foot in the door, beyond that whether you plan to move forward to different positions is up to you.

Got magickal interview tips? Comment below!


Back From The Deep Dark Pits of Despair

Or the best title I could come up with after going through some weird depression episode. Ah depression, something a good majority of people I know who fight this terrible fight within themselves. While at times it can be difficult to overcome those thought forms, sometimes you just need to pull yourself together and keep on moving. Then again, that’s way I also bought that ” Always Keep Fighting” Tee Shirt from that one campaign since the proceeds from that went to a non-profit that helps with depression and suicide prevention.

So I have been using my facebook page a bit more

You can check it out by clicking here

And I’m starting to post more photos with info and such. I actually got my hands on a more technologically advanced phone with a better camera so the photos are coming on a lot better and the fact I can do macro photography with my phone actually excites me. I’m going to be doing more magickal related posts along with some more success oriented posts. The difference though is all the photos I’ll be using for those posts will be photos I personally take (Which I’m well aware of eventually watermarking them) instead of taking them off the internet. So when I make posts on plants, stones, and other items they will be photos from my personal collection. This will also include recipes and other things.

Now I have other plans instore, first one being a newsletter and possible a few e-books including a couple of free materials. I’m making the time to get these done, now especially since we are in our slow season at work.

So, I end this post with a song I’ve had on repeat the past three days, it’s in Japanese but it’s become my new happy song.

Which is here

‚̧ Rosalina

The Little Things That Keep On Improving

So going to grab some coffee, I was fortunate to be part of a random act of kindness by someone paying for my drive through order. So I will definitely be paying it forward to someone real soon. I love when I run into these situations especially when I myself try my best to throw my own little acts of kindness out to the world (I.E. Holding doors for strangers, tipping a little extra for services, ect.). As they say, a little act of kindness goes a long way.

So I just finished watching a Documentary called The Tapping Solution, quite an emotional film I will admit which I was not surprised seeing what I’ve heard about tapping and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). Of course watching this kind of gave me an idea, especially since I’m always looking for ways to self improvement. More so because I have quite a few issues of my own to deal with and have been dealing with for years. Actually for the past three years now I’ve been doing a series of shadow work which has helped in my magickal workings…like seriously. I remember a time thinking how I wanted a skirt with the ability to turn into a thigh slit…next day I went thrift shopping and found one.

Now I will admit, that is quite a silly thing so for awhile now I’ve been putting towards more important things such as prosperity work and self improvement. I decided that I’m going to give tapping a try, but in combination with shadow work and meditation. I’m going to be using it to tackle some of the following issues I’ve been struggling with for a long time, some weird, some physical and some which has very deep rooted emotional issues. Which are the follow;

~Being stuck on my issue with carpal tunnel and Sciatica
~Tackling my addiction to sugar
~My fear to having a committed relationship
~My constant fight with going back and forth with a scarcity mindset and a thrive mindset
~My issue with procrastination
~My habit of not staying focused
~My fear of actually succeeding

Some big, some small but as they say every little bit helps. I’m going to work one issue at a time so this is going to be a long journey for me. Best of luck on this journey.

Rainy Wednesday

Well, at least it’s raining where I am, but that’s not unusual for a spring day.

So I’m going through my files and I just found out how may free e-book PDF’s I have on my hard drive…then again I have the habit of going to entrepreneur sites where they offer free stuff then it’s like $700 for coaching sessions or e-courses. Then again I follow a lot of their newsletters which has great advice and life experiences¬†to go with it. I have taken a few courses from time and time again and I will admit they have helped in the past few years.

Many years ago, about right after I graduated from college with my associates in Massage Therapy, I was bright eyed, bushy tailed and ready to go. I was rearing to go many places, hell I even landed my first massage therapy job right out of college. Of course it was with an Ayuverdic Doctor who was looking for Massage Therapists who was willing to be trained in Ayuverda Massage but here was the catch…she wanted me to pay for the training I was going to take with her in order to practice out of her office. I didn’t take the job since I was fresh out of college and of course didn’t have the money to go through with it. That kinda put a confidence downer on my part which lead me to take a series of different temp jobs for two years while practicing massage on the side for extra money. Of course two years of temp work with a gap of unemployment a certain time takes quite a toll on you. Though instead of getting depressed and worried about where my next job was going to be I took as much time as I could when I wasn’t working or taking care of my daughter to continue my studies in massage and also learning to run a business.

That lead me to finally going into massage therapy full time as of July last year. Though I will admit, it’s been taking quite a bit of time to grow but so far I work for a spa that’s flexible with my schedule and have been slowly working on growing my own business.

So a little lesson is this; the stronger and bigger our dreams, the more tests and obstacles that will be put in our path to make it happen. Which in turn if you’re as stubborn as I am you will plow through the obstacles like the strong bull you are.