Say I Love You; It is That Simple

Love is an extremely complex, but yet simple part of life in which we all have the ability to express. It’s one of the first expressions shown to us the first time we enter the world. It comes in many forms and has the ability to be expressed in different ways.

While I have been introduced to love in it’s many forms over the years, the one I have tend to have the most issues with is in the area of romance. Often due to many incidents of unrequited love or love gone wrong. Other times it’s my own fault due to emotional shut downs and an inability to express my feelings in a way that my partners want me to express, despite telling them that I do care for them but it’s never up to their par. It’s funny how some people feel the need to paint a pretty picture of you then they get mad when you don’t turn into their version of reality.

I was once told that I didn’t know what love was, that I didn’t understand the meaning behind love. Then I realized that person was full of shit only because I was not up to his standards of love. My understanding is love comes in many forms and is expressed in many different ways. It’s a high we all live for, especially when it comes to new love. You take the time to get to know the person, seeing their little quirks and expressions they display. Learning about their interests and back stories which lead them to be the person you see before you now.

I am going to admit, while I do have people who do peak my interest from time to time, the past six years I never really let my guard down nor given people a chance to let them in. Often due to bad experiences in the past, but the funny thing is when I was at Convocation this year I won a love basket. I didn’t think much of it at the time but now within the past few months I have been learning the meaning of why it is so important to express you care to those who care for you. Learning to open your heart is a very difficult thing in a world so cruel, in a time when you are often considered as weak if you show any sign of emotion. When in reality showing love is powerful all on it’s own.

I express my love very differently, I’m more of a doer rather than a talker. Even more so, I get busy and so caught up in other things I don’t always see the people I love. I always remind them I am only a text or a message away should they need to talk to someone. There are others I hold back on, for I know neither they nor I are ready to step forward towards that direction. They’re best to let them run their own course, especially if they have issues of their own, business to take care of, other affairs to attend to, or the simple fact that they are not interested in what you want. You keep it to what you already have or you move forward. It’s just that simple.

You also in due time learn to love both their light and their shadow. Some people get along for the simple fact that their demons play well together. Although if you do notice some negative actions of their shadow coming out which causes them self harm or harm to others, you need to be strong enough to call them out. Some people don’t like it and it is a huge hurt to the ego, even more to those who have spent years rebuilding confidence within themselves due to past issues of abuse or bullying. Luckily there is more than one way to skin a cat in this case.

If you’re used to being the rock to most people like I am, the hardest part is letting your own emotions down especially around those who are used to seeing you at your highest strength. You get the ones who try to get you to stop crying or worrying by making you feel better when in reality you need to let those emotions run their course. It’s up to them if they want to be there for you or leave you alone to process your emotions, although when you’re so used to releasing your emotions alone it may be just second nature to withdraw. Of course, don’t disregard the “make you feel better” way, it’s just another simple way to show they care.

These past few months have been a huge emotional roller coaster, but it was most needed. To be able to express “I love you” to those I have known for so long, opening gates to those who want to get in, and of course reconnecting to the people you still care for despite life getting in the way.

It is simple to say I love you.


Book Review Saturday: New Orleans Voodoo Handbook by Kenaz Filan

Welcome to another weekly sect to Tales of a Backwoods Witch, which involves book reviews. Books I have personally read and digested the information ranging on topics from magick, religion, alternative health, energy work, and many more in-between. Some of these books I have solid books of while others are on my kindle, not to mention each post will have links where you can purchase the book (Via publisher sites and Amazon) along with a link to the Author’s personal blog, web site, and social media access points if any. Not to mention my goal is to get out there that there are more publisher websites other than Llewellyn where you can find books pretaining to these topics, especially on magick (although I will still post about books I have read published by Llewellyn). So without further ado, welcome to this week’s book review;

(Note, these are also books I have personally bought or have requested from the publisher’s themselves, not downloaded a PDF form for free on a pirating page. I encourage everyone to support your authors and buy their books if they truly interest you.)

New Orleans Voodoo Handbook by Kenaz Filan

Where to find the book

Destiny Books/ Inner Traditions

Author Playgrounds
Revealing the Arcana
Kenaz Filan

I will admit, I am a huge history buff, especially on area’s such as New Orleans. At the time I bought this book I thought is was going to be an actual “How to” book on explaining the well known practice of New Orleans Voodoo. Much to my surprise, while it wasn’t a book like that, it was something much more.

New Orleans Voodoo Handbook is a great way to get to know the history and origin where New Orleans Voodoo practice came about and how it has evolved into what it is today. From the timeline to when the crescent city was found to how it evolved after hurricane Katrina, giving a great example on how the city itself is a survivor. It talks about past and present sites, places with possibly the most activity and lore around it. Super great if you’re planning a vacation and want the whole magickal tour, including involving events that happen certain times a year such as Mardi Gras and St.John’s Eve.

From a few other reviews I have read, the biggest complaint was this is not a typical “How to” book, meaning no direct formula’s and rituals to do certain things. This is one of those books where you need to “read in-between the lines” meaning reading the stories very carefully. The one that caught my attention the most was the section dedicated to Papa Le-bas (or Papa Legba) was the entities he is identified under, how they were called and what offerings they are given. Obviously it was not in the typical “On a certain night under this moon phase you bring this, that, and those.” You have to read the story involved to really get the feel.

All and all, it really covers a nice section of history, culture, places, religion, practice and a little bit more in-between. It does involve a good further reading section but a perfect start to get your feet wet.

Until next week, be on the look out for the next book review!

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