Reawakening The Fire Within

So today was definitely a good one, I was very fortunate to win Pagan Fest tickets at Convocation this year. Ironically I was meant to come because I think I only put about three tickets in the raffle basket. Seeing how it was a easy trip to make it as well. The whole day was easy going, beautiful and just the right temperature. My daughter made instant friends.

Plus discovered the joys of boffers.

I was there for about three classes, one was taught by a very lovely lady whom I run into at Con every year whom the class was dedicated to a deity that spoke the most to her, the goddess Bridged. Plus learned a few new things on flame tending and how deities can survive over the years despite religious take overs. The next one was on movement meditation and alternative ways to meditate especially for those who are unable to keep still. Her daughter joined for a time too and when you look at it from a 12 year old’s point of view you can definitely see how meditating in a still state is not for everyone. The last one was get with your root, working with thorns in both a protective stance and a baneful way. Reminding us that magick is not always sunshine and rainbows.

I was also fortunate to get some work done by the massage therapist on site. In a way, he reminded me why I got into massage in the first place especially when he executed a perfect combination of energy work and manual therapy. For a small time period I was getting burnt out, but the more I keep going back to basics the more I realize why I do what I do today. Plus getting back to practing readings and energy work again.

Including picking up this lovely book today.

It’s funny how one simple outing can remind you why you follow the spiritual path you’re on. Plus giving my daughter a chance to see what her mom is into so that we may both go forward and grow even more together. Reigniting the flames can come in mysterious ways.


Book Review Saturday: New Orleans Voodoo Handbook by Kenaz Filan

Welcome to another weekly sect to Tales of a Backwoods Witch, which involves book reviews. Books I have personally read and digested the information ranging on topics from magick, religion, alternative health, energy work, and many more in-between. Some of these books I have solid books of while others are on my kindle, not to mention each post will have links where you can purchase the book (Via publisher sites and Amazon) along with a link to the Author’s personal blog, web site, and social media access points if any. Not to mention my goal is to get out there that there are more publisher websites other than Llewellyn where you can find books pretaining to these topics, especially on magick (although I will still post about books I have read published by Llewellyn). So without further ado, welcome to this week’s book review;

(Note, these are also books I have personally bought or have requested from the publisher’s themselves, not downloaded a PDF form for free on a pirating page. I encourage everyone to support your authors and buy their books if they truly interest you.)

New Orleans Voodoo Handbook by Kenaz Filan

Where to find the book

Destiny Books/ Inner Traditions

Author Playgrounds
Revealing the Arcana
Kenaz Filan

I will admit, I am a huge history buff, especially on area’s such as New Orleans. At the time I bought this book I thought is was going to be an actual “How to” book on explaining the well known practice of New Orleans Voodoo. Much to my surprise, while it wasn’t a book like that, it was something much more.

New Orleans Voodoo Handbook is a great way to get to know the history and origin where New Orleans Voodoo practice came about and how it has evolved into what it is today. From the timeline to when the crescent city was found to how it evolved after hurricane Katrina, giving a great example on how the city itself is a survivor. It talks about past and present sites, places with possibly the most activity and lore around it. Super great if you’re planning a vacation and want the whole magickal tour, including involving events that happen certain times a year such as Mardi Gras and St.John’s Eve.

From a few other reviews I have read, the biggest complaint was this is not a typical “How to” book, meaning no direct formula’s and rituals to do certain things. This is one of those books where you need to “read in-between the lines” meaning reading the stories very carefully. The one that caught my attention the most was the section dedicated to Papa Le-bas (or Papa Legba) was the entities he is identified under, how they were called and what offerings they are given. Obviously it was not in the typical “On a certain night under this moon phase you bring this, that, and those.” You have to read the story involved to really get the feel.

All and all, it really covers a nice section of history, culture, places, religion, practice and a little bit more in-between. It does involve a good further reading section but a perfect start to get your feet wet.

Until next week, be on the look out for the next book review!

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