Say I Love You; It is That Simple

Love is an extremely complex, but yet simple part of life in which we all have the ability to express. It’s one of the first expressions shown to us the first time we enter the world. It comes in many forms and has the ability to be expressed in different ways.

While I have been introduced to love in it’s many forms over the years, the one I have tend to have the most issues with is in the area of romance. Often due to many incidents of unrequited love or love gone wrong. Other times it’s my own fault due to emotional shut downs and an inability to express my feelings in a way that my partners want me to express, despite telling them that I do care for them but it’s never up to their par. It’s funny how some people feel the need to paint a pretty picture of you then they get mad when you don’t turn into their version of reality.

I was once told that I didn’t know what love was, that I didn’t understand the meaning behind love. Then I realized that person was full of shit only because I was not up to his standards of love. My understanding is love comes in many forms and is expressed in many different ways. It’s a high we all live for, especially when it comes to new love. You take the time to get to know the person, seeing their little quirks and expressions they display. Learning about their interests and back stories which lead them to be the person you see before you now.

I am going to admit, while I do have people who do peak my interest from time to time, the past six years I never really let my guard down nor given people a chance to let them in. Often due to bad experiences in the past, but the funny thing is when I was at Convocation this year I won a love basket. I didn’t think much of it at the time but now within the past few months I have been learning the meaning of why it is so important to express you care to those who care for you. Learning to open your heart is a very difficult thing in a world so cruel, in a time when you are often considered as weak if you show any sign of emotion. When in reality showing love is powerful all on it’s own.

I express my love very differently, I’m more of a doer rather than a talker. Even more so, I get busy and so caught up in other things I don’t always see the people I love. I always remind them I am only a text or a message away should they need to talk to someone. There are others I hold back on, for I know neither they nor I are ready to step forward towards that direction. They’re best to let them run their own course, especially if they have issues of their own, business to take care of, other affairs to attend to, or the simple fact that they are not interested in what you want. You keep it to what you already have or you move forward. It’s just that simple.

You also in due time learn to love both their light and their shadow. Some people get along for the simple fact that their demons play well together. Although if you do notice some negative actions of their shadow coming out which causes them self harm or harm to others, you need to be strong enough to call them out. Some people don’t like it and it is a huge hurt to the ego, even more to those who have spent years rebuilding confidence within themselves due to past issues of abuse or bullying. Luckily there is more than one way to skin a cat in this case.

If you’re used to being the rock to most people like I am, the hardest part is letting your own emotions down especially around those who are used to seeing you at your highest strength. You get the ones who try to get you to stop crying or worrying by making you feel better when in reality you need to let those emotions run their course. It’s up to them if they want to be there for you or leave you alone to process your emotions, although when you’re so used to releasing your emotions alone it may be just second nature to withdraw. Of course, don’t disregard the “make you feel better” way, it’s just another simple way to show they care.

These past few months have been a huge emotional roller coaster, but it was most needed. To be able to express “I love you” to those I have known for so long, opening gates to those who want to get in, and of course reconnecting to the people you still care for despite life getting in the way.

It is simple to say I love you.


Blessings Come in the Weirdest Ways

I am the type who enjoy the simple things. The silly times I get to spend with people just hanging out and laughing. Watching my daughter hunt for spiders to stick in her jewelry box just for the hell of it. Walks in open parks, especially by lakes and streams. The smell of lilacs blooming in my backyard which I plan on harvesting this year to make lilac water. The very simple things, those that many take for granted.

I have also had weird and unexpected blessings too. One year around Christmas time I was pulled over by a cop right before my work shift only to be randomly given a hundred dollar bill due to our city being given a generous donation so they were randomly pulling people to give it away. Of course I ended up with a flat tire the next week but I at least had the money for a new tire. I had my ball joint on my car break on me while driving once but it was at least two minutes away from my job at the time, I was not hurt, and it was a beautiful day. Plus it got fixed. Another one was I was making plans to go clothes shopping after my next payday and this woman I talked to from time to time randomly came to me and said she was told by her higher power (I’m not joking about this) that I needed clothes which she bought me camisoles and shirts which were my style and size I wore.

Now the weirdest one, which I mean weird. Twice now I come home to find my lawn mowed. I don’t know who it is, it’s not my usual suspects because I know their mowing patterns. It is some simple mystery lawn mowing fairy who apparently knows when I plan to mow my lawn then suddenly I see it done. Now, I have never had this happened before and I usually take care of it on my own or pay my younger brother to at least attempt trying to mow it. Of course I’m thankful for this lovely surprise and if it keeps happening I would love to run into them at some point to give them a big hug and cook dinner for them or something. Especially since mowing the lawn is one of my biggest maintenance chores I have to keep up with during the non-snow months.

This stuff always reminds me why to always count my blessings, especially when blessings come in the weirdest but most simple ways. What weird blessings have you had?

It’s All Alchemy to Me

Anytime you think of the word alchemy, I’m sure you think of adventures of the philosopher’s stone and the ability to turn lead into gold. Maybe you’re bit of a nerd like I am and also think of Full Metal Alchemist which involve humonculi and the little girl turned into a Chimera. Maybe even the classic novel The Alchemist which is still on my own to read list.

All and all, how I personally view alchemy is the ability to transform something dull and boring into something great and unforgettable. Witchcraft in a way is a form of alchemy seeing how we take energies and manipulate those energies to change the outcome of circumstances with our will. Alchemy in the traditional sense is using chemistry to transform minerals or objects into something else.

When one decides they want to make a change or transformation, in a way they go through their own sense of spiritual alchemy. This can be many things from changing careers, losing weight, facing fears, or even exploring an unknown territory. It’s the matter of the will of the person and their desire to change. One can be comfortable with something but in due time all things change, grow, adapt, or move forward. Even the rivers will someday make more great canyons like the one we have now.

Don’t be afraid to push forward to these new changes, some you may not like but in the end they maybe for the better.

Time Away Allows The Mind to Get In Line

It’s been awhile since I have made my presence known.

Over the past few months; my heart, mind, body, and soul have been having some time to get reacquainted with one another. I’ve been going through a lot of ups and downs all these past few months. I guess you can say I took a long time to do an energetic detox which I will say was needed and well deserved. Let’s go on ahead and sum up what I have gone through in our four categories.


This one is probably the most work in progress considering how long I’ve been emotionally shut off the past few years. Yes, I still love and care for my family and friends, but sometimes I have a habit of misplaced emotions. I tend to opt for lust over love which thinking back now I realized how many people I might have shut out. I’ve learned a lot about loving myself, which that on it’s own took years to blossom upon. Now is the time to relearn how to accept love, but in the manner of letting it grow and bloom on its own. I also got a chance to revisit some old passions of mine which I see a lot of projects coming soon.


Stress works it’s way from the head on down. More importantly I have a terrible habit of over working myself. I’ve gotten better in the past few months which included changing work environments, watching a lot less tv, taking my time when it comes to studying new subjects, plus more guided meditations at night. Most of all, keeping my two year victory over my battle with depression so far, which is the best feeling of all.


I have been learning a lot about my body and it’s limits, especially the past few months. I have cut out so much junk, starting to move more, and figuring out when it’s the best time to rest. I’ve lost weight, I have a lot more energy, and don’t get sick as much which my last form of any type of sickness has been since 2013. Plus being in tune with my base needs and knowing how to take care of them is an added bonus.


It’s funny this is the one area I have had the most progress in. Especially as I am approaching my 9th year as a practicing witch. Within the past two years I’ve been reaching out more and started teaching. I’m still learning the whole teacher thing, especially when you’re so used to being an introvert and never mind the fact that public speaking terrifies the shit out of me. I found a subject that I hold dearest to me, which is what I’m going to be keeping my focus on for now. I have a lot of work ahead but Thoth be by my side for this ride.

I’ve got a lot of work ahead. If you don’t mind bumpy roads I would love for you to join me. 😉

Magick With Essential Oils

I know I wrote a brief post on essential oils and magick;

Which is this post right here

But seeing how this is a subject I’m extremely passionate about, I want to write more about it.

I was actually introduced to aromatherapy and essential oils over four years ago when I was in massage school, one of my classes went into detail about essential oils and the fact that we learned how to make salt, sugar, and coffee ground scrubs which made me fall in love with the subject even more. To this day, I use essential oils for everything from cleaning, de-stressing, treating colds, treating sore muscles, and for general wellness.

A year or two later, I started to add essential oils to my magick practice, from simple ways such as anointing the oil with candles to wearing perfume blends which I wear for attracting money and protection. Oil’s are actually one of the main ways I practice magick now next to working with candles. It’s simpler to cast my intention to the universe while anointing with the oil on certain areas of my body, including drawing symbols. Not to mention a good majority of the time they smell wonderful (except for Valerian… yes there is an essential oil version for the infamous “poop root” because I actually have it).

Don't ask, I'm trying to figure out a blend so I can still use the chemical compound without the smell.

Don’t ask, I’m trying to figure out a blend so I can still use the chemical compound without the smell.

As we know, oils are found in many traditions and practices, not to mention newer traditions are adapting to add essential oils. Even more adding floral waters such as rose water for my ancestor altar ( to honor my great grandmother and her love for roses) to Lilac water for spring renewal and honoring the incoming of Midsummer. It’s rare for me to even use fragrant oils anymore, although I do use a small amount for certain things around the house. Of course after smelling pure lavender essential oil for so long, I can’t stand the synthetic version now (this goes for the majority of the scents in the market now.)

It’s hard to put into words to how I really use essential oils in magick, I guess I’ll see where this takes me in the matter of time.
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Wellness Wednesday: Aromatherapy

Welcome to the second post of Welless Wednesday! Where each week we’ll be looking into ideas on what to add to your health regimen good for your mind, body, and/or spirit.

This week, I want to take a further look into adding essential oils to your routine, I’m a huge advocate of using Aromatherapy in as many areas of my life as possible and have been for the past four years. I’m also working on my Aromatherapy certification to be a certified Aromatherapist so lately have been studying essential oils on a deeper level. Here we’ll do what we did last week with what it is, what are the benefits and of course the cost factor. So let’s get started!

(Author Note: This is not an end all and be all guide, in fact this plus all the Wellness Wednesdays to come will be just a general overview with basic guidelines and suggestions based on personal experience. I encourage everyone to do their own research on what’s best for you and you alone. You know your own body, you know what you can and can’t handle, plus when in doubt talk to a qualified health practitioner.)

What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is the use of scents and oils to treat conditions of the mind, emotional issues and physical issues if applied topically. It has been used for thousands of years in one way or another, I personally seen it as an extension of herbalism seeing how the oils is the essence extract of the plants themselves. The difference is the plants are in a much more concentrated so in the terms for aromatherapy, “Less is more”.

What are the benefits of Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is another type of wellness with multiple benefits, the majority of oils are anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, Sedative, Stimulative, warming, cooling, and the list goes on and on. Aromatherapy is a study of it’s own, but for a good starter kit I would advise these following five oils to get you started;

Lavender: The number one go-to oil used to help with burns, cuts, insomnia,repealing insects and is one of the most abundant oils processed to date.

Lemon: Often pressed from the rind, great for a natural energetic boost, can be combined with white vinegar for cleaning and is said to help with morning sickness in pregnant women (through inhalation)

Peppermint:Another oil good for nausea, headaches, clearing sinuses, calming muscle inflammation and I can attest that it does repel spiders.

Eucalyptus:Good for cold, flu and general immune booster.

Tea Tree: Good for fungal infections such as athlete’s foot, repelling lice, also commonly found in most natural hair care products

Beyond that, there are at least 300 different types of essential oils, although only half of those are good for therapeutic use. Oils can be put in a good variety of products such as lotion, massage oil, soap, and used in place of cleaning supplies.

The best thing to remember is to always dilute your oils, they are extremely potent. I would also like to bring up how there are certain companies out there that give the a-ok to consume essential oils, I will be honest about this, I highly advise against it unless you are seeing a qualified doctor, natural path practitioner, aromatherapist, herbalist, or any other qualified health practitioner. I do not care how “pure” certain companies claim their oils to be, they are still potent due to the distillation process of the oil seeing how oils are again the essence of the plants themselves (Not to mention only a small amount of oils are approved for consumption). I also advise against using certain oils if you are allergic to the plant, the oils are still the plant.

The Cost

Oils can cost as low as $3.99(usd) to as high as a couple hundred, depending on the oil and on the brand. If you are looking for a good starter set you are going to spend at least $30 to $50 (or if you go the Young Living or DoTerra route, as high as $150 for a 10 piece starter kit of 5mls), but I personally see it is well worth it and as stated before, a few drops go a long way with essential oils. I have used several different brands of oils and I would recommend the following;

Aura Cacia
Natures Alchemy
Aromatics International
Eden’s Garden
Mountain Rose Herbs

Now this is my own opinion and based on my own experience, there is are a ton of different brands and brands that even I have yet to order and try. I personally say, “Research, research, research!” Find what you like the most and see how well they work for you.

Enjoy the rest of your, next post is about adding teas to your routine.

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Magick Monday: Make and Break Your Luck

A photo of one of the many four leaved clovers I've have found over the years.

A photo of one of the many four leaved clovers I’ve have found over the years.

Welcome back to another post of Magick Mondays! Where each week we go over easy ways to add a little bit of a magick touch to every situation.

Luck is an interesting concept, some people believe in it while others don’t. Luck is a lot like magick in many ways since it can go either way, especially since a good amount of time it’s based on how the person views their own luck. Often when something seems to be unlucky it ends up being a blessing in disguise which is often revealed after the fact. A good example of this happened to me five years ago where I ended up pregnant at 20, especially being unmarried and at a dead end job at the time all I could think of was, “Oh shit”. Ironically I was thinking about going to school for massage therapy at the time before the pregnancy which it did light the fire under my ass to get that started. Most of all I got out of an abusive and very toxic relationship which he did everything he could to demotivate me from pursuing my career for reasons I do not know to this day. To be honest, I don’t care now since I have a rapidly growing career, a very intelligent and healthy child, and my situation is going to get better and better.

So the first step to changing your luck is changing your mindset about the situation, I know that sounds like an extremely cheesy piece of advice and I’m well aware that it doesn’t apply to every situation. What I want to say is it’s a great way to retake control of your situation (although be advised this that it’s best for your situation and how you react, not others out of your control). I’m serious though, if you want to change your luck mindset is the key. That’s like with any magickal spell and situation.

Now I know what you’re thinking, “Where’s the magick in this post?” Well I’ll tell you the first part is about intention and focus which is the key to any spell work.

Now as you know…there are thousands of lore on good luck charms, every culture and tradition has their own form of a good luck and success charm. From the fable rabbit’s foot to the four leaf clover, a lot has to do what will get the user into the mindset of success and know good luck will always come their way. I’m fortunate and blessed that I find four leaf clovers a lot of the time (I’ve found close to 600 in the past four years) so each time I find a few I often give one or two to others around me while I keep a few for myself in my wallet. My philosophy is often “luck is best spread rather than hoarded”.

Of course, anything can be turned into a good luck charm, one of my favorite ways for turning even a piece of jewelry into a good luck charm is to take cinnamon, clove and allspice, crush all three in a powder and set your piece over night to charge. It’s a good way to take a favorite piece of jewelry and turn it into a quick charm but also it smells extremely wonderful.

Have a favorite way for changing your luck? Feel free to share, I would love to hear about it!

Until next time, look out for next week’s Magick Monday!

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