Magick Monday: A Little Salt For Your Taste

Welcome to another post of Magick Monday! Where adding a little bit of magick into your everyday life is easy as pie!

I’m going to bring up a popular topic, which is something every witch has in her cabinet already which is salt. Salt has a long history for being used for purification (as you notice in my last Magick Monday post I put a pinch of salt in my room spray purification blend) not just for spiritual reasons but for things such as preserving meat and such. It is often said that salt tends to be so pure that it is known to repel the dead, hence why most people who practice ancestral work advises against purifying and cleansing an ancestor alter with salt water. It is also said when you knock down a salt shaker you take a pinch and throw it over your left shoulder to prevent bad luck. Salt can also be used as a way to cleanse soft crystals that would otherwise dissolve in water. As you can see, the list goes on and on.

The one thing I love most about salt is it’s easy to get and comes in many forms.  Feel the need to purify from the inside out? Then I suggest that any form of cooking you do take the time to take that one pinch of salt and concentrate purifying with that pinch as you add it to bread, pasta, or other forms of cooking. I’m a big fan of using Himalayan pink salt for this since it’s not only part of the purifying scale but also has trace essential minerals so it’s nutritionally good for you as well.

If you’re a big bath person like I am;


Something along the lines like this for example.

I’m happy to tell you it’s easy to add salt here as well, epsom salt is great for this part and sometimes I personally will add a little bit of pink Himalayan and black lava salt for added benefits. You can enhance it with essential oils such as frankincense and sandalwood (or take a cheese cloth or sock and stick the two together along with a few other herbs and run it under the bath facet. Not only great for purifying ritual baths, but it softens your skin and is great for sore muscles. Not a big fan of baths? No worries, try out a body salt scrub. Take very fine sea salt, mix it with a carrier and essential oils and in clock-wise circular motions get as much of your body as you can while imagining all of the guck you want to release and get out. Afterwords just shower off, although be careful it will cause your shower floor to be slippery. Please note this also removes dead skin and should not be done more than once a week.

Also, please take caution if you are on a low sodium diet for health reasons and also note that too much salt can cause you to retain water and cause bloating when consuming. As they say, moderation is key so like anything else just don’t over do it.

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Tales of The Macabre: Ouija Experience

Welcome back! Another very well taped video of my friend’s Tales of the Macabre, and seeing this board in real life too I can vouch for his experience. Hope you enjoy!

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Magick Monday: Room Sprays

Welcome to Magick Monday! A Place to get tips and tricks to find ways to add a little bit of magick to your life.

Ever gone to a place where you just feel the vibes that are so…bleh, you just can’t stand it? It’s worse if it’s your place of employment. Now I always hear the constant argument of, “If you hate where you work, get a new job” Which while it is sound advice, the best way to get a new job is to have a job. Or you might be doing the type of work you love and you love your work place but there are days where you wish you can get out the smudge sticks and go to town. While as far as I know, most places of employment doesn’t allow the burning of incense, Sage, Palo Santo, ect. (Unless you own your own place in which case then have at it.) Not to mention some people have issues with smoke, allergies to certain plants and all that jazz.

Now, there are many ways to cleanse an area without the use of smoke, fumigating, and smudging. My particular favorite is through the use of room sprays. What I love about room sprays is they’re very easy to make, they smell wonderful, and you can take them anywhere with you without the fire hazard. Not to mention using essential oils has their own benefits due to the aromatherapy effects.


You can mix an match different blends, figure out what you like. I use this blend for myself, especially when I’m at work so I spray this between clients. Incase you can’t read the oil names in the photo, here’s what I use.

~Clary Sage

Plus a pinch of salt, which I used Pink Himalayan

The one thing I love about this blend is it’s not only purifying but for a massage room environment it has all relaxing scents which all my clients just love. Now this is not just the only combo, it’s great to experiment around but yet again still be careful with oils because just like plants and herbs, some people can have allergic reactions (especially since oils are the plant essence themselves.)

Looking for more easy magickal tips? Check back every Monday for new Magick tips and tricks that can be easily incorporated into everyday life.

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Tales of the Macabre: Doppelganger and The Veil

As we end our beautiful Sunday, I’ll be posting this piece for a good friend of mine for his youtube series of Tales of the Macabre. A series of all of his paranormal encounters, which as we as spiritual practitioners know is definitely part of our daily lives. Here is the start of his series which he gives a great performance being a natural story teller.

Enjoy! I promise more in the future the more stories he decides to share and tell.

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Back From The Deep Dark Pits of Despair

Or the best title I could come up with after going through some weird depression episode. Ah depression, something a good majority of people I know who fight this terrible fight within themselves. While at times it can be difficult to overcome those thought forms, sometimes you just need to pull yourself together and keep on moving. Then again, that’s way I also bought that ” Always Keep Fighting” Tee Shirt from that one campaign since the proceeds from that went to a non-profit that helps with depression and suicide prevention.

So I have been using my facebook page a bit more

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And I’m starting to post more photos with info and such. I actually got my hands on a more technologically advanced phone with a better camera so the photos are coming on a lot better and the fact I can do macro photography with my phone actually excites me. I’m going to be doing more magickal related posts along with some more success oriented posts. The difference though is all the photos I’ll be using for those posts will be photos I personally take (Which I’m well aware of eventually watermarking them) instead of taking them off the internet. So when I make posts on plants, stones, and other items they will be photos from my personal collection. This will also include recipes and other things.

Now I have other plans instore, first one being a newsletter and possible a few e-books including a couple of free materials. I’m making the time to get these done, now especially since we are in our slow season at work.

So, I end this post with a song I’ve had on repeat the past three days, it’s in Japanese but it’s become my new happy song.

Which is here

❤ Rosalina