The Little Things That Keep On Improving

So going to grab some coffee, I was fortunate to be part of a random act of kindness by someone paying for my drive through order. So I will definitely be paying it forward to someone real soon. I love when I run into these situations especially when I myself try my best to throw my own little acts of kindness out to the world (I.E. Holding doors for strangers, tipping a little extra for services, ect.). As they say, a little act of kindness goes a long way.

So I just finished watching a Documentary called The Tapping Solution, quite an emotional film I will admit which I was not surprised seeing what I’ve heard about tapping and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). Of course watching this kind of gave me an idea, especially since I’m always looking for ways to self improvement. More so because I have quite a few issues of my own to deal with and have been dealing with for years. Actually for the past three years now I’ve been doing a series of shadow work which has helped in my magickal workings…like seriously. I remember a time thinking how I wanted a skirt with the ability to turn into a thigh slit…next day I went thrift shopping and found one.

Now I will admit, that is quite a silly thing so for awhile now I’ve been putting towards more important things such as prosperity work and self improvement. I decided that I’m going to give tapping a try, but in combination with shadow work and meditation. I’m going to be using it to tackle some of the following issues I’ve been struggling with for a long time, some weird, some physical and some which has very deep rooted emotional issues. Which are the follow;

~Being stuck on my issue with carpal tunnel and Sciatica
~Tackling my addiction to sugar
~My fear to having a committed relationship
~My constant fight with going back and forth with a scarcity mindset and a thrive mindset
~My issue with procrastination
~My habit of not staying focused
~My fear of actually succeeding

Some big, some small but as they say every little bit helps. I’m going to work one issue at a time so this is going to be a long journey for me. Best of luck on this journey.


Rainy Wednesday

Well, at least it’s raining where I am, but that’s not unusual for a spring day.

So I’m going through my files and I just found out how may free e-book PDF’s I have on my hard drive…then again I have the habit of going to entrepreneur sites where they offer free stuff then it’s like $700 for coaching sessions or e-courses. Then again I follow a lot of their newsletters which has great advice and life experiences¬†to go with it. I have taken a few courses from time and time again and I will admit they have helped in the past few years.

Many years ago, about right after I graduated from college with my associates in Massage Therapy, I was bright eyed, bushy tailed and ready to go. I was rearing to go many places, hell I even landed my first massage therapy job right out of college. Of course it was with an Ayuverdic Doctor who was looking for Massage Therapists who was willing to be trained in Ayuverda Massage but here was the catch…she wanted me to pay for the training I was going to take with her in order to practice out of her office. I didn’t take the job since I was fresh out of college and of course didn’t have the money to go through with it. That kinda put a confidence downer on my part which lead me to take a series of different temp jobs for two years while practicing massage on the side for extra money. Of course two years of temp work with a gap of unemployment a certain time takes quite a toll on you. Though instead of getting depressed and worried about where my next job was going to be I took as much time as I could when I wasn’t working or taking care of my daughter to continue my studies in massage and also learning to run a business.

That lead me to finally going into massage therapy full time as of July last year. Though I will admit, it’s been taking quite a bit of time to grow but so far I work for a spa that’s flexible with my schedule and have been slowly working on growing my own business.

So a little lesson is this; the stronger and bigger our dreams, the more tests and obstacles that will be put in our path to make it happen. Which in turn if you’re as stubborn as I am you will plow through the obstacles like the strong bull you are.

Aloe and Lavender Cube for Sunburn

As the winter starts to change to spring, we’ve still have had a few cold spells. Although quite common in Michigan it’s still making a few people antsy since while it’s cold, it’s sunny as well.

I actually did some shopping which I kept my food more towards fruit and vegetables. Although when I was out and about I came across giant aloe leaves. This gave me an idea so I took them home, cut them up, mixed in lavender oil and made homemade burn cubes. It’s actually very easy to make which I’m throwing the recipe right here. It calls for;

-Two giant aloe leaves, found in a grocery store or you can find in an oriental store
-30 drops of lavender Essential oil
-Two icecube trays

If you’re already growing an Aloe Vera plant then even better, I just prefer the giant Aloe leaves for now since the plant I have at home I just bought and plan on giving it time to grow. Anyways all you do is take a nice sized bowl, juice the leaves as well as you can since they can be a bit sticky. After that slowly drop in 30 drops of lavender essential oil, mix together then put your mixture in ice cube trays. When done just freeze and keep for general burns or sun burns.

I actually keep aloe vera around every summer, especially being a fair skinned women who also has a even more fair skinned daughter. Despite all the sunscreen we use, even with the highest SPF we can find some how and some way we always end up with some burn. Not to mention Aloe tastes pretty good as a juice.

So here’s today’s health post. Tomorrow I’ll post something divination related.

Prepare for New Beginnings

Taking a break from a typical Thursday, mostly just cleaning before my whole day gets on the go.

We’ve been getting projects set up and on their way, like making a fairy garden with my four year old this year. It”ll be a simple one but as they say, a lot of great things in life are simple. Of course we may have to wait on the flower portion until a least April or May. Michigan weather is unpredictable seeing it’s not unusual to have snow in May.

I’ve also been going through books and magazines…which I just found out I have close to three years worth of Massage Magazines and Yoga Journal built up. So I can be a bit of a pack rat when it comes to holding information…then again I used to raid used book stores new age section. Actually, I still do that. Of course my Kindle has more than close to 1000 books.

Also getting prepared for tomorrow’s Solar Eclipse/ New Moon/ Ostara, I’m thinking we might do some family oriented celebrating for spring coming this year like making bird seed feeders out of pine cones and a spring cleaning. Of course it may turn to a weekend thing due to other plans such as seeing an old friend of mine and celebrating her daughters first birthday. Not to mention my busy time is usually the weekend anyways so of course I work during Saturdays.

New things on the rise, we’re going in for a fresh start.

Here We Go Again, The Tales about to Begin

If you are following me over from my Tales of an Insane Eclectic blog, welcome and thank you! You are the most awesome people of all!

If you just stumbled upon this, hello and welcome. You are about to be in for some interesting things, information, or just some random rants.

I figured due to the amount of life changes that has happened I decided a fresh start to blogging is in order, this is also my business site as well which over time will be filled with offers of services, readings, classes, e-books/books and other nifty surprises. My goal is to keep the blog portion as real as possible which will include photos of projects, my spiritual views, and little magickal advice every now and then. By all means I am looking forward to the future of this site.

To Learn a little more about me, you can check out Who is Rosalina? just to get a feel what I’m about, professional and spiritual experiences. That page will be up to date as much as possible such as when I get new training, certifications, and affiliations depending on views, groups I work with and many other things.

Hope you’re looking forward to future posts and be on the look out for services and such stuff to be offered soon.

‚̧ Rosalina Nightshade